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We waste no time! Value and transparency from the beginning! Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking was written by CREA award-winning Creator, Shawn Singleton to help young people understand how to maintain success as they develop in every area of life! From popular subjects like finances and friends, we speak about it in ways that are relevant to our young people and how to use these principles effectively in your life today!


Listen as our hosts and guests share their expertise and experience in each area that will keep you engaged, inspired, and more importantly prepared for what lies ahead as you continue to grow! Get your copy today and journey along with us! 

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Life for young people can be very overwhelming! There are so many expectations, deadlines, and life transitions happening every day, all while trying to discover your passion and pursue your dreams. It can be a very high-stress time for growing and young adults that can lead to poor (and sometimes permanent) life decisions simply because of the search for an outlet! 

Our mission on For the Youth Podcast is to teach our audience how to maintain that control while still being able to become the best version of themselves regardless of their environment through understanding Mind, Body, & Movement!

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Shawn Singleton, II

Executive Producer & Host


Bridgette Hosick

Senior Producer & Co-Host

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